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I grew up in a small island in the Caribbean, and I enjoy outdoor activities, reading and writing. I legally immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago and have adopted the country as my new home. I landed my first part time job a few months following my arrival at a local Wendy’s. I will never forget that someone at the restaurant asked me for a refill, but I thought he asked for a ” refer” I told him that I did not understand, so he had to repeat himself multiple times and made gestures with the cup in order for me to understand.

Life experiences are very important to me because they keep me motivated. Within a few months, I quit the job due to prolonged hours that interfered with my academic commitment. I attended a job recruiting event at a local super market in Miami,FL and was offered a job. I loved the environment and met many students from my school at the store. I truly enjoyed the work experience there and received great benefits. The schedule was very flexible , and I worked between twenty to twenty-five hours a week.

I graduated from school and secured a job at a local bank as a teller. The schedule was flexible, and I enjoyed the new workspace. I moved about two years later and started a family. I became a Registered Nurse about eleven years ago and love my new career. My clinical experience consists of staff nurse, charge nurse, clinical nurse supervisor and patient safety specialist. In my most recent position, I conduct clinical investigation, root cause analysis, clinical data analysis and chart compliance audit. I also facilitate multidisciplinary team meetings and educate staff about patient safety initiatives.

I strive to remain motivated because I love to encourage others to attain their highest potential. I hope you enjoy my page and benefit from my blogs. I will write about nursing trends and highlights based on my experience. I recently developed a passion for baking and have been baking desert on my free time. I also realized that bad debt can be overwhelming, so I am committed to follow Dave Ramsey’s money transformation strategies to become debt free and build wealth.

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Sophia Georges MSN, RN

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