Why I Became a Nurse

I am new to WordPress, so I am using my forum to discuss why I became a nurse today.

Nursing has evolved in the past decades, and has become one of the fastest growing profession according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, nurses on average hold a bachelor degree and make between $34.48/hr. or $71730.00/year. ( bls.gov) I love my profession, and have been fortunate to work in Medical Surgical Nursing, Short Stay, IMC, Progressive care, float pool. With my 10 year plus experience, I also became an Adjunct Nurse Faculty , Clinical Nurse Supervisor and most currently a Nurse Consultant in patient safety.

When I was younger, I thought nurses only clean patients and seek medical guidance from independent providers prior to each nursing intervention. I realized that nurses were very educated and knowledgeable many years ago following genetic counseling. The nurses were very professional ,and I saw them more then I saw the doctors. I immediately developed a passion for health education and decided to return to school to major in nursing. I earned credit for most of the general courses and was only required to take 5 science classes in order to apply to the program. I completed the classes in two semesters and was accepted into a community college with free tuition based on grade point average. In return, I had to work in state for 2 years which I did. I passed my board on the 1st attempt ,and I was overjoyed.

I returned to school within a few years of my career and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Nursing from a local state university. I did receive a state scholarship, but it was not enough to cover all the tuition. I used some student loans to finance most of my graduate studies because my job did not offer tuition assistance at that time. I feel that nursing is the most rewarding career because I can choose my specialty and work in clinical setting or Administration. Lastly, nursing students should not choose nursing for financial purpose because nursing is overwhelming and one should be mentally prepared to care for unstable patients who rely on nurses’ support and empathy. I love caring for patients and enjoy educating them and their significant others. I hope to write about many trends in nursing such as, Associates Degree in Nursing vs Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bullying in Nursing, Cultural Competence, Conflict Resolution, Nursing Documentation, Scope of Practice, Nursing Management and Leadership, Moving up the ladder and more.

Sophia Georges, MSN,RN

20 thoughts on “Why I Became a Nurse

  1. Kristin

    I’ve worked with Sophie for a number of years, and she one of the brightest people I’ve ever encountered and a wonderful nurse!

  2. K. Fong

    To the Nurse who elevated me to a leadership position, motivated me continuously, and advocated for me to level up in my career-you are the definition of Nursing Leadership. I enjoyed the read! Thanks for everything! Keep shining!!!! Sak Passe’!!!

  3. Saurel Musac Jr

    Growing up together in a studio apartment the size of a living room, I am proud to witness all your accomplishments as a nurse. You have always put the welfare of others above your own, and I am grateful to have you as my sister. Continue the great work as you remain a testament of the American dream.

  4. Hymi

    My dear Sophia, you are true nurse and a great leader, I have learned so much from you. You always look after me to grow professionally. You have been uplifting me encouraged me to be the best of who I am. It’s been an honer to work with you and to be your friend can’t wait to read your blog. You are awesome.

  5. kunjammatgeorge2013gmailcom

    Great job Sophie! I am so blessed to work with you and to know you. You are awesome!

  6. Saurel Musac

    Congratulation I’m very proud about your subject I advise everyone to fallow this program thank you

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